Our wonderful pet parents are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us on the behalf of their pets. We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, too! If only the pets could leave a review, this place would be a zoo. Scroll to the bottom to leave a review yourself.

We brought Copper home when he was 10 weeks old, about 3 months ago and I called Shady because I saw his business card in our apartment's leasing office. He listened to all of my crazy dog mom requests and came to check on our baby up to 3x per day. He played with him indoors when it was hot and avoided places that I asked when Copper didn't have all his shots yet. He helped with crate/potty training and gave our puppy lots of love when we couldn't! He has been there since the beginning and Shady loves my dog like his own and always provides excellent care. Shady always goes the extra mile and provides superior service - when Copper chewed through his leash under Shady's supervision he ran to Petco to replace it the same day. He has taken Copper along with him on group walks to help socialize him and will bathe him, trim his nails, etc. without being asked. He even took Copper to Galveston once while we were away for the weekend - they hang like pals. I know I can rely on Shady to care for Copper like I would and I love seeing his Instagram updates throughout the day. Highly recommend!!

Olivia C.

Guys! Shady is literally the best pet sitter out here! I asked him if he would come by and hang out with my pet Zazu, a sun conure (he’s a bird). He gladly came out to my place, did a full out consultation, and asked every question a per owner would want asked. Zazu immediately bonded with Shady. Shady comes on time, and with a all the fun. Every time he visits Zazu he posts it on Instagram. Zazu is always happy and dancing when Shady is around. BOOK HIM NOW! Your pet is in the best hands!

Chef Khalifa

I have a very energetic German Shepherd who needs an energetic caretaker to match. I can say without reservation that the service provided by Shady Waggers exceeded all expectations I had. Shady was great in keeping me posted with daily updates, both pictures and videos. If you're always curious Shady Waggers' social media updates are always a treat when you're miles away from your pet. I've had my dog stay at many pet boarding locations, but the services from Shady Waggers are unmatched.

Tarik A.

Shady has always been very reliable and easy to communicate with. His great easy going attitude is perfect for all of the animals he works with. I foster kittens, and he has been a huge help when I go out of town on occasion. He helps them become more socialized with other people and animals, and has even bottle fed baby kittens. Shady is the number one person I would recommend to anyone looking for help with dog walking, pet sitting, and more!

Lindsey K.

HE IS AMAZING!!!!! Sokkar loves Shady and all her doggie friends, he keeps us updated and he takes a great care of my little baby


I highly recommend Shady Waggers because the pet updates, pictures, and live streamed appointments provide a peace of mind and let you know that your dog is being well taken care of. Shady is very responsible, responsive, and kind. My dog loves him, and she always has a good time throughout the years he has helped take care of her.

Rachel DeWitte

Literally the BEST pet walker/sitter/friend. He cares for your pets like they're his own!

Sarah A.

Easily the best dog walking service in Houston. Shady is extremely knowledgeable in how to meet and handle all different types of dogs making it easy as an owner to trust him. I have used Shady for both over night help and dog walks. On both occasions Shady sent me picture updates as well as general updates about my dog. I dont think i will ever use a kennel again as long as he has availability. Thanks so much for watching my dog Shady!

Michael C.

We LOVE Shady and Shady Waggers and so does Beau, our 4 year-old mini Aussie! Shady is super flexible and willing to work with whatever request you have for your dog. I especially love that he'll pick him up and drop him off. We won't take Beau to anyone/anywhere else if we can help it!

Morgan S.

I have utilized Shady Waggers services in walking and baby sitting our maltipoo dog, and I have to say that we felt very Safe. Our dog was treated with lots of care and Love. Our dog now gets excited every time Shady gives her a walk. I would highly recommend Shady Waggers to anyone who wants their four legged child to be in good care.

Islam G.

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