The person who filled out online paperwork further refereed to as I, gives Shady Waggers, LLC, and its agents, representatives, and assigns (collectively, “Shady Waggers”) permission to transport my pet(s) to the above veterinarian if, in Shady Waggers’ sole discretion, illness or an emergency necessitates medical attention.  If the above veterinarian is not available, I authorize Shady Waggers to transport my pet(s) to a veterinarian of its choice and, by this Release and Authorization.  If emergency care is needed my pet(s) may be taken to an emergency veterinary clinic and/or hospital of Shady Waggers’ choice.  By this Release and Authorization, I authorize any such veterinarian and its staff to perform any treatment deemed necessary to render my pet(s) medically stable.

This Release and Authorization authorizes any veterinarian and its staff providing care to my pet(s) pursuant to this Release and Authorization to release to Shady Waggers any information pertinent to my pet(s)’ treatment, including but not limited to diagnosis.

I acknowledge and agree that I will be responsible for all charges incurred in connection with the provision of veterinary care, including but not limited to, vet fees, extra visit fees, and transportation fees.

I acknowledge and agree that Shady Waggers shall not be liable for any losses, damages, or liability of any kind, recognized under statutory, common law, or otherwise for any harm whatsoever arising from or related in any way to the transportation of, medical treatment of, or communication regarding my pet(s) in accordance with this Release and Authorization, even if such harms are the result of Shady Waggers’ negligence or gross negligence.


I authorize any veterinarian providing care under this Release and Authorization to euthanize my pet if such veterinarian deems it medically and/or humanely necessary and only after all reasonable attempts to contact me have failed.

This Release and Authorization will remain valid and in effect unless and until it is revoked in writing and delivered to Shady Waggers to its Managing Member, Shady Arafat, in person or by certified first class mail.