Our wonderful pet parents are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

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“Shady Waggers watched my pitbull for a week. His team gave us peace of mind with all of the updates and sticking to our daily regimens.”

Luke Morton, Lucky’s owner

“If you ever hesitated to leave your pets, WORRY NO MORE….we hired Shady Waggers to sit for our two (2) girls (Westies) and our two (2) cats from July 1-5. One of our Westies was on medication for a rash and she is TERRIFIED of the fireworks. Shady treated her to some delicious cheeze whiz to get down her meds, he took them to the park everyday AND most important to us he let them sleep with him just like when we are at home. In fact, I think they may already be missing Shady!!!
Shady is VERY conscious about the care that he gives and prior to him coming over he asked all the appropriate questions like, when and how much are they fed, is there any medications I need to make sure they take and is there any other information I need to keep them comfortable while you are away.
Shady obviously LOVES animals and he was very aware how much owners are concerned while they are away so he sent us a number of very reassuring photos and videos of the girls and their care. I have NEVER felt as comfortable about leaving our girls before this weekend.
If you would like to discuss our experience in anymore detail, Shady has our permission to give out our number as a reference.”

Terri Sloyer, Owner of  a pair of lovely dogs and  cats.